Land Banking

We at MRILLP, the conception for, land banking is an extraordinarily money-spinning asset strategy. As an investor, we either buy land or preference to Joint Development with land Lords for long term business gains.

We are looking for sizeable land parcel sizing minimum 100 acres to maximum 500 acres partaking amalgamation of low cost at admittance with prospect of substantial returns which is an tempting intention for any investor.
We create business prospects by foreseeing through complete State / City / Town master plan of planning authority.

MRILLP business ideal of Land-Banking

Procurement and Marketing ideal: In this prototypical, we buy/deal land from the principal landlord and trade it to a third party.

Joint Development Ideal: Under joint development ideal the landlord and we syndicate our capitals and hard work. The landlord underwrites his land and then we undertake accountability of finance, development, growth, marketing etc. and shares the profits as contracted.

Land Rental Ideal: Under this ideal we normally accept for long lease of the un-developed property from landlords for 30 plus years. We develop the property as per the requirement of the client and lease out to the third party.

Parties interested for any above ideals are welcome

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