Redevelopment Projects

REDEVELOPMENT means development of old buildings constructed more than 25 years ago, that are undertaken to reconstruct by demolishing the existing old building, as per sanctions from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). It ideally works best when a society is in terrible prerequisite of far-reaching repairs, but is starved of the necessary resources for it.


Due to limited availability of open land parcels in Mumbai, most of the developers are now eyeing at volunteering into the redevelopment project. In MUMBAI dilapidated buildings are on the threshold to collapse is a grim reality.

Developers, as a motivation to owners/residents/members of older buildings, offer additional area, some consideration, rent and the assurance of a new flat with better and modern amenities in a new building, for the inconvenience cause to them during the period of reconstruction without spending any amount from their own sacks.

Optimistic Features Of Re-development
  • # No Land Cost # Low cost # Transparency # Affordable

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